All scripts are in python. More information is on each individual scripts page.

Vray/Maya Scripts:

VRay Custom Render Elements
Create a Position, Occlusion, UV, Rim Light, Fresnel, and Top Down Pass.

VRay Custom Extra Tex
Create a Extra Tex Render Element that is only applied to selected objects. Matte, File, and Maya texture options.

VRay Subdivion/Rounded Edges
Add VRay Subdivsion or Rounded Edges to selected objects.

 VRay File Gamma
Add VRay Gamma Attribute to selected files.

VRay Rect Light
Create a VRay Rect Light, name it, and plug in a texture file.

Vray Dome Light
Create a VRay Dome Light, name it, and plug in a texture file.

Reflection Affect Channels
Changes VRay Mtl Attribute Reflection Affect Channels to default.

VRay Object and Material ID
Add or Remove VRay Object or Material ID.

VRay Render Presets
Saves Render Presets in your preferences.

Arnold Scripts:

Arnold Subdivision
Set Arnold Subdivision type and iteration amount to selected objects.

Arnold Custom AOVs
Create a  Occlusion, UV, Normal, Rim Light, RGB Noise, Wireframe, and Object ID Pass.

Arnold Object ID
Assign a designated Object ID to selected geometry.

Arnold RGB Matte AOV
Create RGB Matte AOVs similar to VRay’s multi matte render element.

Arnold General Overrides
Easily turn on and off common Arnold Settings for all selected objects.

Maya Scripts:
Create Light From Camera
Create a light from camera view. Option for 4 different types of lights.

Gamma Swtaches
Gamma Corrects all swatches on selected shaders.

Clean Extract
Does a basic Maya extract, cleans history, and puts new geometry in group.

If you have any problems with the scripts not working or if you have any questions, feel free to go to my contact page and email me.

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