This page contains various student exercises and projects I did while attending SCAD.

Ketchup Sim:

This simulation was done with flip fluids and rigid body dynamics. I exported the animation from Maya and Houdini then composited the ketchup over the animation in After Effects.

Bee Procedural Animation:

Programs used Houdini, PBR Rendering. This was animation was driven by expression NO keyframes were used. Full breakdown on how this was done can be found at

RSL Shader:

Custom shader written in RSL (Renderman Shading Language). I want to take the fog lights a step further and do “god rays” instead. Some of my early tests can be found at

Procedural Building:

This is my Houdini 1 class project 1. We were to create a procedural building and make parameters so the user could customize it.

Car Rig:

I modeled, textured, lit, and rigged this car. Other features of the rig are the wheels spin when the car moves forwards or backwards.

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